RELAX CENTRE – unwind yourself

Pamper your body after long day in our Relax centre. You can enjoy swimming pool, hot tub, steam room or finnish sauna. Outdoor wooden jacuzzi is there for all romantic souls.

drevena tabula Relax na Liptovskom dvore
Bazen a virivka na Liptovskom dvore
Finska sauna Liptovsky dvor
Relax centrum Liptovsky dvor bazen a lehatka
Relax centrum lehatka Liptovsky dvor

sports lovers – enjoy active holiday

Embark on hiking trails in Low Tatras, ski as much as you want, or use tennis or squash court directly in our hotel. You can rent mountain bikes or in-line skates, tennis, squash, table tennis or badminton racquets. For our hotel guests, they’re included in the price of the stay (not valid for rd party bookings.)

Relax centrum bazen Liptovsky dvor
Lehatka v Relax centre na Liptovskom dvore
Relax centrum bazen virivka Liptovsky dvor

Massages and body treatments

Enjoy body treatments created by our Daska, our very sensitive massage therapist. Healing effects coming from nature provide you special experience which makes your body healthy and balanced. Healing natural effects are the base of philosophy of our Relax centre. Enjoy treatments, which make use of nature’s knowledge. You will surely enjoy the experience of healing your body, and bring back its lost balance. Our favourite massage therapist Dáška will recommend the most suitable massage or wrap.

liptovsky dvor masaz v prirode pri potoku
Drevena kada romantika Liptovsky dvor
Masaz na Liptovskom dvore
Reflexna masaz noh na Liptovskom dvore

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday : 13:00 – 21:00

It is recommended to reserve massages and other procedures at: 0918 683 123

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